Aliens of the Heart

Cover Image for Aliens of the Heart, by Carolyn Ives

In these stories of the American Midwest,

  • Betty Lindstrom imagines leaving her husband in the town of Lost Road and turning east instead of west and never coming back; but when she does drive west with her husband, alone with the prairie and the wind, she can’t get home
  • Susan Abernathy undertakes to humanize Captain Groton, the alien charged with removing the residents of Okanoggan Falls, WI, with consequences she could not have imagined
  • Galena Pittman seeks to recover her lover, Thea, from the mountains of Montana, where she devotes herself to literally painting the landscape under the direction of the mysterious Dirigo
  • The Conservator, charged with preserving the many layers of the map of the great river “on whose surface the past was written in cipher,” discovers that the relationship between map and landscape is more complicated than she had thought.