“The Tinker and the Timestream” in Analog

The Taghrib Colony had existed for almost two hundred years, and all that time it had been waiting to die. Then one night Rustem, tinker of Biskra, discovered a nova in the sky….

See the March/April 2023 issue of Analog for this story of an endangered colony, an exploding star, and how some grievously mismatched people set off on the journey of a lifetime–or maybe two–to save their home.

2 thoughts on ““The Tinker and the Timestream” in Analog”

  • This is just to say thanks for introducing us to Quick time and the three engaging starhoppers and the residents of Biskra! Nice to see the breadth of your writing! (th)

  • I’m genuinely shocked, especially given what I see of your background on your website, at your choice to give the aliens in this story names taken from the language of an oppressed human culture. It came across to me as an additional, hurtful layer of Othering.

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